Dawn of the Fifth Age

Oh, he can sing!

The company and Sildar make their way to Phandalin. Upon arriving, they visited Barthen’s Provisions to drop off the supplies Gundren had hired them to transport. From there they visited Lionshield Coster to drop off recovered goods they had found in the hideout.

Once that was done, they visited the Stonehill Inn where they met a new friend. The bard, Borivick von Jorchshinham was playing in the common room of the inn. Sadly, while no fuss was made about the presence of the half-orc, it seems that the locals took a dislike to the dragonborn in the company as they were asked to stay outside.

Not long after the half-orc had purchased a round of ale for everyone in the inn, Adrin the wizard decided to cast a light spell on the the strings of the bard’s lute. The proprietor, one Toblen Stonehill, took exception to the public display of magic and asked the wizard to leave. After going outside, the wizard used mage hand to rattle the front door of the inn. This angered the innkeeper, and he sent his bouncer, a half-ogre, to deal with problem. The wizard learned that it is not wise to mouth off to a half-ogre carrying a club.

The next day, the bard joined the company and they went in search of clues to many of the rumors they had heard the night before. One led them to the Sleeping Giant tap-house. Several members of the Redbrand Ruffians took exception to the visit and attacked the company members. All ruffians were killed.

After finishing their visit with the tap-house owner, the company went to the woodworker’s house. Picking the lock they searched the place, but found nothing of value and no real clues.

Cragmaw Hideout.
What cute doggies.

Six of the eight members of the company approached and entered the hideout. Two stayed behind to watch the wagon and oxen.

The company was able to defeat all goblins and the bugbear in the hideout and successfully rescued Sildar Hallwinter.

New group of Adventurers.
More victims.

A company of eight bold adventurers hired by Gundren, set out on morning to transport supplies to Phandalin. The company consisted of a half-orc barbarian, two dragonborn fighters, an elven ranger, a dwarven cleric, an elf rogue, an elf wizard, and an elf monk.

Half a day after turning on Triboar trail, the company encountered a pair of dead horses in the road. When the half-orc went to investigate, he was attacked by three goblin archers, two of which hit with their arrows. Three more goblins with scimitars stepped out of the trees to confront the company.

After the battle, five goblins lay dead with another sleeping due to a sleep spell. no other major injuries to members of the company. A timely heal spell from the cleric on the barbarian brought him back to full health.

The play session ended there. Resuming next Friday.


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